Ravens Football Featured on Latrell Flowers First Appearance on “The Nest” Starring Steve Smith Sr.

jc3September 25th 2016, Tia Latrell appeared on WMAR ABC2 News ,”The Nest” Starring Steve Smith Sr. to showcase the incredible, Hand Crafted, Rhinestone Encrusted Baltimore Ravens Themed Football. The Football is a one of a kind design created by Tia Latrell herself and was honored to have the ability to display her hard work to the public.

Ms. Latrell’s passion and creativity are responsible for her completion of this work of art. When asked how long it took to create this sporty masterpiece, Ms Latrell responded with, ” approximately a month and a-half”. A required amount of patience that many of us do not acquire, but definitely rewarding.

All of the Latrell Flowers hand crafted featured pieces can be found on her website and facebook page.


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