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Introducing the New Apparel Line of Latrell Flowers!

The New Apparel Line of Latrell Flowers Has Arrived!

Owner, Floral Artist, and Designer of the Latrell Flowers Brand, Tia Latrell, has decided to expand her same creativity into the fashion industry. Throughout the years the floral designs of Latrell Flowers have graced many forums and stages, but now is the time for all to display that passion in their everyday life. The new Latrell Flowers apparel line offers a variety of beautiful pieces all embroidered in vivid floral designs. Customers have the opportunity to purchase various accessories including vibrant handbags and scarfs to luxurious blouses and sheer wraps. The ideal shopper would be a women looking to expand her wardrobe by adding elegant blooming details to her closet. These pieces are sure to be the perfect compliment for anyone looking to blossom this summer in vibrant yet sophisticated attire. Be sure to support Tia Latrell by purchasing these comfortable and classy garments today!

Visit our New and Exciting Apparel Line Today and Treat Yourself or a Loved One!

Take Advantage of the Endearing Specials.

Enjoy Your Shopping Experience!

Click Here To Shop Now!


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